Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's Beginning to Look Not Like Christmas

Here it is, December 21, 2006. Brunswick, Maine. The first day of winter. Per usual during the cold months, the wind is whipping down Maine Street. And there's a guy walking toward me who is wearing a short sleeve shirt. I'm a more practical sort - I have a long sleeve shirt and a fleece vest on. My notoriously cold hands are comfortable sans gloves.

The air temperature is 50 degrees. What is going on here? Whether it's El Nino or Global Warming, it just ain't right. I'm happily not burning fuel to heat my home, but - it just ain't right. Bring me snow. Make me wear a hat. Jack Frost, please come nipping at my nose. This warm December is crazy!



Blogger Jim said...

Here's a weather update, for Dec. 23rd.

The air temperature at 8:30 am is currently 34 degrees and it's raining. My lawn is still showing green and mud is still an issue, well over a month after the ground should have been frozen.

We've f*cked our weather up beyond repair, I believe.

Do you remember when we were kids and December was always filled with snow and winter was an event?

Now, winter in the Northeast has become a carbon copy of the Pacific Northwest--gray, dreary and it rains, instead of snows.

I guess we can kiss our four-season recreation economy goodbye, which means bad news for many areas of Maine that used to require the winter months to make ends meet.

Sorry for the doom and gloom.

Happy Holidays, my friends and look forward to guitar playing, some wine and good times in 2007.


8:37 AM  
Anonymous david said...

Just checking up on your blog. It's April 12 and snowing like crap. I am sick of coaching baseball inside and now the gym is closed for the week. We should be playing ball outside not shoveling. I have no doubt global warming is here, but what the !@#$i%^&*(> is going on? Did we change month savings day or daylight savings?

9:31 PM  

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