Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Initial Farmer's Market Washed Out

Barren Farmer's Market

The annual forebearer of summer, the Farmer's Market, made it's 2006 seasonal debut on the Brunswick Mall today. However, the event was basically washed out due to heavy rains. The much-needed precipitation was welcomed by all but those farmers hoping to get the season off to a robust start. Unfortunately, as can be seen in the photo above, there are few farmers and even fewer customers. The market is supposed to be open until 2:00, but the folks were packing up their trucks by 12:30, when the above photo was taken. If there are no customers during the noon hour, there are no customers. Hopefully, the weather Friday will moderate and we will see a vibrant crowd on the mall buying flowers and seedlings for their own gardens.

I am a firm believer in supporting local businesses, and support of local farms can go a long way toward boosting the local economy. There is also a benefit to the economy, as locally-grown food obviously requires less fuel to transport to the consumer than that grown on mega-farms across the country. And fresh fruits and vegetables simply taste better than any others.

I was working in a different town last summer, one that didn't have a farmer's market, and I missed having the opportunity to walk around and see everybody's wares, from the flowers and seedlings of the spring to the fall and autumn harvest. I was very much looking forward to getting started today, but that didn't happen. The market runs until November, so there is no reason for me to despair. I got to take a walk in the spring rain, and the gray skies make the flowers, particularly the forsythia, burst with color.

Brilliant Forsythia.


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