Monday, August 22, 2005

Senators see the impact of Global Warming

A group of US Senators, including Maine Republican Susan Collins, recently toured Alaska and saw first-hand the impact of the warming environment on that state.

"Collins said Friday that she witnessed coastal erosion that threatens Eskimo villages in Alaska, devastation in forests in Alaska and the Yukon, and evidence of melting permafrost that caused utility poles to topple over."

Collins has increased her resolve to promote legislation that limits greenhouse gasses. With more and more republicans (not the President, of course) acknowledging that greenhouse gasses (mostly the result of industrial and utilities emissions) do contribute to global warming, it appears likely that laws will be enacted in the coming years. We are certain to see resistance from the kings of industry during the process. It is my continuing mantra that corporate profits must not come at the expense of the environment. With this in mind, I applaud Senator Collins and her colleagues.


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